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iPeel is the world’s first easy-peeling permeable frankfurter casing made on the basis of plastics.


iPeel can be used for:

  • production of frankfurters and subsequent removal of the casing by means of automatic peelers;
  • production of frankfurters and subsequent storage and sale of the products in the casing (festoon)


  1. High permeability. iPeel is permeable to smoke and water vapor which enables you to perform stages of dry-heat cooking and smoking. The products acquire the traditional sensory characteristics typical of products in cellulose, collagen and natural casings. The dense coagulated protein crust with a glossy surface of the product under the casing provides for a greater stability of the process of removal of the casing off the finished product without damage to the crust.

  2. Wider assortment of products. The iPeel casing is supplied straight or ring-shaped, which extends the range of products by diversification of their appearance. The ring-shaped version of the iPeel casing makes it possible to supply products in the shape of half rings, without the use of expensive natural or collagen casings, and to remove the casing by peelers.

  3. Optimal vapor and oxygen transmission rates.

    Compared with collagen and cellulose casings at the standard storage temperatures (+2…+6°C) for the finished products, iPeel offers the optimal water vapor and oxygen transmission rates. This provides for:

    • Reduction of the oxidation processes in the finished products;
    • Better preservation of the smoked flavor (and spices) in the finished product until removal of the casing by means of a peeler, as well as throughout the shelf life of the product stored in the casing (festoon);
    • Reduced weight losses in the process of storage (it is recommended to store the products in a gas environment, inside the vacuum packaging);
    • Retardation of the process of syneresis (liquid separation) in the finished product inside the vacuum packaging.
  4. Hygienic characteristics. Polymers used in manufacturing of iPeel casing have been especially selected to be inert to bacteria and fungi growth. This greatly improves hygienic characteristics of both the casing and meat-processed products.

  5. High temperature sustainability and mechanical strength. Polymers used in production of iPeel casing greatly widen temperature range of casing’s usage versus collagen and cellulose analogues. iPeel casing allows you to stuff sausages on different types of fillers while keeping production speed high. iPeel casing can be overfilled 6-8% compared to the casing’s nominal caliber. Caliber uniformity plays a significant role in stable stuffing on modern high-speed automated filling systems and fillers equipped with a holding device. 



An easy-peel plastic casing permeable to process smoke and designed for production of all types of frankfurters, wieners, hot dogs, and mini-sausages. It is intended for finished products processable by means of automatic peelers.

iPeel S

Casing is designed for the production of frankfurters, wieners, hot dogs and mini-sausages, semi-dry high-fat sausages, which are roasted without smoke and are processable by means of automatic peeler.

iPeel U

Casing is used for the production and subsequent storage of the finished products (festoons).

iPeel FE

The casing is intended for the markets of the Far East and Southeast Asia.


iPeel A

A closed end in the shirred stick; the casing is designed for use on automatic equipment.

iPeel R

An open end in the shirred stick and is designed for manual tying and use on stuffers with twisting devices.

iPeel Ako (Rko)

Ring-shaped versions of the casing.



1-sided and 2-sided; multi-color; full color. Printing color range is from 1+0 to 6+6 colors.

Ring shaped casings printing options:

  • One side printing with positioning on «front side»;
  • Double side printing without positioning (in case of background printing on the original layout).


15 – 38 mm

Forms of supply

The iPeel casing is supplied shirred and packaged under vacuum in accordance with the requirements of international standards.