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New products launched:
- AMISTYLE films: multifunctional CPP film for tray sealing; super-elastic BP-E thermoforming film.
- Super-permeable iCel Premium Pro casing for raw-smoked and air-cured sausages, as an alternative to fibrous casings.
- Highly permeable iCel Prestige casing for cooked sausages subjected to smoking, an ideal replacement for cellulose casings.
- iColl hot dog casing with properties similar to those of collagen casings.
Additional production capacity for the manufacture of hot dog barrier casings. The Company took part in the SeaFood Expo Fair.
Commissioning of a new production site for the manufacture of films.
Completion of a project to boost the rate of output of extruded hot dog casings, which allowed for the manufacture of additional 50,000 km of products.
Launching of the production of the new AMIFLEX P casing to replace perforated fibrous casings.
Expansion of the AMIVAC MBP bag width range to 400mm.
Development of the new DYPLEX C-Mp casing, which relaunched the Tying project.
Launching of the curved version of the iCel Premium-M – iCel Premium Mko.
Commissioning of the production line for 13-layer AMISTYLE films, and of the new Allstein printing machine.
Launching of a new line for the production of AMIGRAN granulate. The raw materials are the by-products of the Company's extrusion lines.
Implementation of the unique project of remote technical support (www.atlantis-pak.pro).
A new generation of sausage casings iPeel PRO was developed. The versions of iPeel PRO and iPeel-Gut PRO were produced. The versions of DYPLEX and AMIFLEX casing imitating the surface of the paper AMIFLEX Papirus and DYPLEX Papirus have been created. The ultra-thin film AMISTYLE with a thickness of only 25 microns was produced - AMISTYLE CPE-25. A dry-aged bag AMIVAC MVP and a matte version of the iCel Premium casing - iCel Premium M were developed.
Start of production of AMIVAC CB bag and AMIFLEX FR casing for frozen products. Atlantis-Pak took part in 7 international exhibitions.
Production of nine-layer packages AMIVAC S on a new extrusion production line launched. Permeable iCel Premium-Sinuga casing introduced.
The newest line for the production of high-barrier films AMISTYLE has been installed and started to work according to its own patented technology.
Presented iCel Premium and iCel F casings.
Launch of the AMISTYLE heat-sealable films and of the LST barrier casings for frankfurters.
Development of the new AMIVAC MBC cook-in pouches for meat products, and of the DYPLEX casing with dynamic permeability.
Development of the new iCel permeable casing.
Marketing of the iPeel — the first ever easy-peel plastic casing for frankfurters.
Production of the AMITEX Express ready-to-use casing (no need for presoaking). Beginning of the serial production of the AMIVAC NT bags for chilled meat.
A new generation of casings— the NANOSMOK.
Production of casings in nets — the AMITEX Sonet. Launch of a line for production of seven-layer heat-shrink bags.
Development of the FIBROSMOK permeable casing. Elaboration of the Company’s development strategy for the years 2006-2011.
The UV technology for printing on sausage casings is developed.
The ring-shaped AMISMOK and AMILUX casings appear.
Development and start of production of the world’s first line of permeable plastic casings — AMISMOK, AMITAN PRO, and AMITAN PRO Sinuga for the production of semidry and cooked sausages, and the AMILUX casing for smoked frankfurters.
Launch of production of decals.
Beginning of production of Russia’s first multilayer plastic casing (AMIFLEX) for sausage products with a long shelf life. Today AMIFLEX is among the most popular casings not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in many other countries of the world.
World’s first ever plastic casing for frankfurters and wieners (AMIPAK) is produced, and just a year later already 22% of all Russian frankfurters were made in the AMIPAK casing.
Expansion of production. Atlantis-Pak occupies the leading position on the Russian market.
Start of production of Russia's first ever plastic casing