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AMIFLEX Perfect is a multilayer casing designed for manufacture of products sold presliced and ready to be served.


The AMIFLEX Perfect casings and intended for production, transportation, storage and sale of:
traditional cooked sausage and ham products;

  • blood and liver sausages, and spreads;
  • souse, aspic, and jellied products;
  • processed cheeses;
  • animal cooking fats, margarines, sour milk products (cream, country cheese);
  • frozen products (sausage and meat batter, ice-cream, dough);
  • other food products


  • enhanced mechanical characteristics;
  • high barrier to gases and water vapor and protection of the product against oxidation and weight losses until the casing is removed;
  • consistent chub diameter even when boiled vertically, and uniform size and weight of slices;
  • controlled longitudinal rupture of the casing and possibility of removal of the casing by means of automatic peelers;
  • possibility to increase the length of chubs to 1 m and reduction of product slicing wastes


Bespoke colours are available


40 120 mm

Forms of supply

  • in rolls;
  • in shirred sticks;
  • in shirred sticks R2U.